4 Ways to Improve Your Trade Show Exhibit Booth

During a trade show, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. If you’re a first-timer trying to get your business off the ground, or you’re a veteran who’s working hard to perfect their pitch, trade shows can be a great way to see what’s going on in the industry. However, creating a successful trade show booth isn’t as simple as it might seem. When you’re presenting at a trade show, you’re instantly competing with hundreds of other trade show exhibits and businesses for the attention of the same investors and buyers. It takes a lot to catch the eye of the right passer-by. If you’re looking to create a great impression and draw in viewers, here are some ways to make your trade show booth simply unforgettable.

1. Create the Right Design

Your business doesn’t just depend on great service and a product that no one can live without. You also need to have impeccable branding. Setting up a booth at a trade show is a great way to test out your visual marketing skills. While it doesn’t take a ton of glitz and show-stopping moves to get noticed, you should have a brand design that’s unique, interesting, and draws the eye in. No matter what you’re selling, your brand should have a clear, succinct design that evokes something about what your business does. For instance, if you work in security technology, you should be able to signify that through your branding. If you work in education technology, that should be incorporated into your branding in a subtle way. It might take you awhile to figure out what your brand logo and image will be, so make sure you start planning long before the trade show. You want to have everything polished and ready so that you can confidently present your business to the world at the show.

2. Host (Smart) Giveaways

Trade shows are full of gimmicks and plays for audience attention. While some of these methods are great for free advertising and getting people talking, others fall short of the mark. Designing a giveaway, contest, or swag distribution, make sure you’ve actually thought out what you’re doing. For instance, any game or giveaway you do should have something to do with your business. Creating interactive ways to engage with booth visitors doesn’t just help to draw attention to your booth. It should ideally allow you to spark a conversation and give people information about your business without shoving it down their throat. Think about giveaways and games as a way to make a more formal talk or pamphlet come to life. If you simply start throwing swag at people, chances are they won’t come away from your booth knowing that much about who you are or what you do. Every minute you have with a visitor is a minute to make a potential sale or find a future client: Use your time wisely.

3. Connect, Connect, Connect

This goes without saying, but if you don’t figure out how to incorporate social media into your trade show booth, you’re losing out on tons of business. Going to trade shows is about getting the word out to as many people as possible. It’s not just about who’s physically present in the room. Even if the trade show is packed with people, social media is bound to get your message out to far more potential clients in half the time. That’s why you need to find smart ways to integrate hashtags, interactive giveaways, selfies, and location tags into your general pitch. Encourage people to take selfies at your booth and use a hashtag that’s going to help summarize your business plan in a fun, informative way.

4. Encourage Questions

The more conversations you can start with your trade show booth, the better. When it comes to showing off what you’ve got, you don’t want to just wow people with the splendor of your branding or your swag. Remember that the goal to find repeat customers and to spread the word. If you’re trying to formulate a more formal sales pitch, try to base your talk around sparking questions rather than throwing answers out. Get people intrigued about what you do. Don’t simply start talking at them and expect them to want to stick around. Use open, inviting body language at your booth so that people will feel comfortable coming up to you to ask you questions, even if they’re just about the layout of the trade show. You’ll be able to start conversations and get people talking in no time.