Credit Hub Capital – Singapore’s leading & most preferred money lender

Being short of money is overwhelming. Financial difficulties and being unable to have cash in hand may be a reason of stress and tension. It is important and matter of great ease to find a reliable source of money that is fast and hassle free. This way all your concerns and tension may find a release and you will be able to find peace with the help of a licensed money lender. A quick means of getting money and getting response to your need for money is a pleasurable and calming situation. One of the biggest factors that you should keep in mind in these situations are that the interest rates and terms offered by the licensed money lender is feasible and applicable to your specific financial needs.

Why you should choose Credit Hub?

Credit Hub Capital is such an institution that ensures you a convenient and easy way with swift and calming interactions whenever you apply for a loan. Being one of the most reliable licensed money lenders in Singapore, we make it sure that all or clients are highly satisfied with both or services and our interactions. All our customers are dealt with utmost car and absolute regard and respect. We seek to establish confidentiality when interacting and solving our customer’s problems. When we receive a cal or e-mail regarding your problems, we make it a point to guide and assist you throughout the lending process until you are absolutely satisfied. You can absolutely have your full faith on us and rely on our friendly, yet professional staff to help you in order to obtain all lending related information and to select the best loan pack, according to your convenience, whether it is personal, foreigner or business loan.

We completely understand how difficult it sometimes gets to get the extra capital to boost or begin your own business and make the ends meet with a short income. Here, we make the loan taking process customize, in accordance to your needs, and prepare custom loan products that are efficient to close the gap between your immediate financial crisis and the ultimate goal, in the best possible way. As licensed money lenders we try our best to sort your fiscal problems.

What makes us reliable?

We are proud to declare ourselves as licensed money lenders and hold an active and valid business license with a permit to function from the Ministry of Law (or the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore). We are also happy to inform you about the good reviews we have been receiving from borrowers whom we have helped during their times of financial needs. You can apply for a Low Interest Cash Loan Online at any times or just call us at 63385115.Send in your applications today to get your loan in under an hour from licensed money lenders.

All that you need to know is here.

As a general notice, we would like to inform you to read through all the contract details pertaining to your loan, before affixing your signature. You should always be aware of the maximum amount of value you can borrow form a licensed money lender according to your respective annual income. As of 1 October 2015, the maximum interest rate a licensed money lender can charge is up to 4% per month. You should always clarify with your money lender how much interest rates will be charged by the money lender. The money lender can charge 6 types of fees from the borrowers according to the law, you should always verify the mount of fees to be charged by the moneylender for what services and for what amount of money. Finally, you should always make sure that the money lender is licensed.

About Us & What We do

Credit Hub Capital has been one of Singapore’s leading and most trustworthy money lenders, since 2010. We seek to provide our customers with long term financial solutions that range extensively.  We offer not only business loans but also payday loans and personal loans. All these loans have a relatively flexible repayment plan and competitive interest rates. Our loan plans are also applicable to foreigners and people in the low income group to meet their immediate needs.

Credit Hub Capital has the Business Registration No: 201004091N and License No: 136/2017. Credit Hub Capital, is hence Singapore’s most reliable and reputable licensed moneylenders.

Credit Hub Capital has been recognized by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore as a licensed and approved company. For this recognition we can facilitate all over Singapore and legally run our business, providing fiscal help to Singaporeans, both permanent residents as well as foreigners who are in need of money, and replenish their cash flow. Credit Hub Capital is of extreme help to those whose requests for grants have been disapproved by traditional loan givers in the bank. We have, taken particular interest in making our loan application and loan approval process way simpler and reliable for any one in need of a grant. This way, we enable ourselves, to meet the needs of our clients with fast approval in under an hour and minimal documents that are required to be submitted during the process.

Being a licensed money lender in the country, we comply with the Moneylenders Act and Rules. Hence, all or customers can be assured of the fact that their best interest are in our minds at all times. Credit Hub Capital values dearly, the satisfaction of the customers and seek to assist the customers in the finest way possible. Our aim is to give our customers a fast, reliable and convenient means of obtaining loan. You can expect to have a swift and trouble free experience every time you take out a loan from our company. In fact, even if your financial history is not u to the mark, you can still take a loan from our company.

What makes us the leading money lender base?

We offer customization pertaining to your particular interests during the loan withdrawal process. Each customer is viewed as equal but we take everyone’s fiscal problems to be unique and seek to provide such a solution that is also unique and especially valid to your problem situation. At Credit Hub Capital, we deal with your problems as our own and try our best to provide with such a solution that not only satisfies you but also helps you to achieve your goals and be successful in all your endeavors. We offer at all times, a flexible repayment scheme and competitive interest rates, all in the hopes to create maximum client satisfaction to meet your particular budget and needs of the hour. With such features, Credit Hub Capital is surely the best money lenders of Singapore.

At Credit Hub Capital, you can surely expect the following outstanding features:

  • Quick approval for loans approximately within an hour.
  • Highly competitive interest rates to suit your budget.
  • Applicable to those of the low income group.
  • Applicable to foreigners.
  • Flexible repayment schemes according to your convenience.
  • Licensed and most reputed money lenders in Singapore.

Hence, by choosing Credit Hub Capital, your satisfaction is guaranteed, each time, every time. So, if you are ever in need of fast cash for immediate and emergency expenses, make sure to give us a call or leave us an e-mail. You are also welcome to visit our office to speak with our professionals face to face, for an even more in-depth analysis of your problem and a guaranteed solution to all your financial problems in not time, at Credit Hub Capital.