Tips for Buying a Used Car

The first impression of the vehicle you want to purchase is usually based on the web advertisement you see. These tips will help you to choose the right car by its ad and spare time on calls to suspicious intermediaries.

1. Check the car sellers

All car sellers can be divided into two groups: owners that sell their car and people (car parks) that earn on the resale of other people’s cars.

The first advice that auto experts usually give to novice buyers is to buy a car from the owner. If the owner serviced the car with quality spare parts and kept records of all the works, you should consider such cars for purchase first. Usually, the documentation relating to the repair of the car contains information about the mileage in which this repair was carried out.

Buying a used car from an intermediary is associated with a high risk. First of all, because the organization or the person who sells the car is absolutely not interested in telling you the whole truth about it and is not responsible for its safety.

2. Examine the ad

Carefully study the content of the advertisement. Try to compare the mileage and year of manufacture of the car. If it is six years old but has the run of a two-year-old car, it should be checked as carefully as possible. On average, the car travels 10-20 thousand kilometers per year when used by the family. The car should be the same color as in the photo; the gaps between the body panels should not be different. Cars with an automatic transmission spend 1-2 litres more than the ones with the manual gearbox on average.

3. Call the car seller

Let’s say you are on a specialized website and want to find here used ford. Not all the information might be given right away. The task of your first call is to specify additional information about a car. Try to find out how many years the car has been in use by this owner. Ask about the service history. It is worthwhile to clarify the mileage of the car. You will be surprised, but the information can be different.
Find out when the last repair or technical inspection of the vehicle was carried out.

4. Meeting with the car owner

Pay attention to what the owner looks like. If he is dressed casually, you probably won’t witness real order inside the car. The driver’s seat is most worn out; therefore, it should be examined first. Check the rubber cushions on the pedals. Be sure to look in the trunk. If you find a canister with engine oil in the trunk, the engine of the car is worn out and consumes engine oil, which constantly has to be refilled. Experts do not advise to buy such cars. Ask the owner to drive you in this car. Gears must be switched smoothly, without sounds or jerks. Inspect the engine compartment with a flashlight.

In a nutshell, approach the matter of buying a used car by the ad with a cool head, ask and observe, and you will get exactly what you want.