Transport of bulky loads? No problem with the new stair climber dolly

Delivery and transport companies are often obliged to employ two or more operators because of the weight and size of the goods to be delivered;in addition,the delivery point is often in places where floors are rough or on a high level and there is no elevator.

Designing new transport tools was necessary for different reasons:

  • first of all, for the safety of operators, who will be able to carry out their work safely and with less physical effort;
  • companies can save on the number of workers used for deliveries and cargo transport, because thanks to the new stair climber dolly, only one operator will suffice;
  • the goods will not be damaged;
  • the floor of the structures where the loads will be delivered will not suffer any damage.

One of the companies that has invested the most in the design of stair climber dolly is Zonzini: the continuous study of needs has made it possible to realize different types of stair climbing dolly, useful in many companies but also in private contexts.

For example, Buddy is an electric stair climbing dolly ideal for transportation on stairs; it is easy to use and can transport up to 160 kg and is a great help when it comes to delivering loads quickly and effortlessly.

This kind of powered stair climberhas many qualities:

  • it is practical and handy thanks to its foldable structure;
  • it has non-marking pneumatic wheels, for all type of floor;
  • it is capable to climb steps up to 26 cm high;
  • automatic manoeuvre thanks to its weight sensors;
  • It is able to position automaticallyfeet both up and down the stairs.

Thanks to this stairclimber, medium-light loads will no longer be a problem; Zonzini designs and builds stairclimber according to the needs of the people and invests in research and development in a constant way, to try to propose ever more advanced and surprising instruments on the market.