Various Features Of Split Air Conditioner Systems – What Make Them Batter

Split air conditioners are also called as ductless units or mini units. These units mostly connect outdoor condensers (having small tubes) to indoor evaporators. With these air conditioners, you can easily cool one or more than one area in your house at a time. They contain an additional heating unit that makes it useful in colder months of the year. There are several features to this air conditioning unit. It is beneficial to consider them when you are looking to buy one.

Noise free operation

The most remarkable feature of a LG split air conditioner is that it is quiet. Unlike other commonly available conditioners that make a lot of noise while operating, split air conditioner produces only a whispering sound. This reason is the location compressor unit in the outdoor. This implies that it is not going to produce any sound when it is switched on.

Intelligent power savers

Who does not want to save money on energy bills? Split air conditioners are efficient power savers. They have a built-in infrared sensor unit called ‘Intelligent Eye’. This unit recognizes movement of people in a room to not just enhance the comfort level but also to save power.


When it comes to decoration and designing the unit, you will find several options in case of a split unit than with traditional units. These air conditioners possess an ability to easily fit in a window. You can mount it on a ceiling, or on a wall. You can even suspend it from the ceiling or keep it on the floor. If you are mounting it on the wall that is beyond your reach, then you can use a remote control to operate it.

Simplified Installation

Unlike other types of air conditioning systems, a split AC is very easy to install. You will connect the condenser unit that is located outside to the indoor evaporator unit. All it requires is to drill a hole of about 3 inches in the wall. This will easily fit the pipe.

To perform perfect installation of the device, it is important to hire a reliable air conditioning contractor. Their assistance will also be helpful in examining and repairing the faulty part.

Ability to cool more than a single zone

You will find a few split air conditioners at eBay that has the ability to cool four zones at a time. A single condenser when connected to four units present inside can easily cool the place. This is an important feature that most of the people prefer. This feature help in keeping the temperature warm for children at one place and cooler at another place.


Selecting a split air conditioner is more of like choosing a brand-new vehicle. You can either content with a basic model or can include a few smart / intelligent features to improve your comfort. With the improvement in the air conditioning technology, you can find these models with a wide array of features. A thoughtful understanding of your requirements and knowledge of the features would help in making an efficient decision.