What Type of Printer Do You Need for Your Business?

As a business owner, you already know that getting the best tools for your office is a crucial component of success. When it comes to finding a printer for your business, you want to pay attention to a bunch of different aspects of its function to make sure it’s the right brand and model for you. What’s the point of investing in something that isn’t going to improve efficiency in the long run? If you’re looking for ways to print in bulk, whether you go to a trusted company like Document Solutions or purchase a high-grade office printer, you’ll be making a wise investment. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, here are a few options for your printing needs.

Laser Printer

Though laser printers are among the more expensive business models, they more than make up for the price with their superior printing quality. If your business is focused on printing smaller amounts of high-gloss copy like menus, run sheets, or business cards, a laser printer might be your best bet. If you’re into speed, laser printers beat out inkjet through the sheer quantity of output. Since they use a dry toner rather than wet ink, there’s no threat of smearing or smudging. Laser printers allow for a fast, polished job of bulk printing without any room for error. Although they’re more expensive than your average model, the most popular laser printers last for years on end, delivering consistent service to businesses with specific, high-end needs.

Inkjet Printer

If cost is an object, going with a simple inkjet printer could be a perfect alternative, especially if you’re not invested in the look of what you’re printing. If you run a business where you simply need to get the paperwork processed and printed in a timely fashion, inkjet printers are quick, reliable, and inexpensive alternatives to laser printers. Inkjets are also perfect for printing out high-quality color printing jobs and photos for a fraction of the price of a laser printing job. If you’re running a business where space is of the essence, you’ll also love how compact inkjet models are. For digitally-minded businesses that need to print copy quickly and inexpensively, inkjet printers are a classic choice.

All-in-One Printer

Multifunction printers are exactly what they sound like. Built with the ability to print, scan, fax, and copy, all-in-ones are the essential tool for larger offices with lots of staff and many documents being sent back and forth through the day. Even if you’re a business that completes most of its paperwork via e-signatures, having a multifunction printer will save you a ton of trips to the copier in the long run. You’ll also be able to fax time-sensitive documents without breaking a sweat. These printers often have web connectivity and can link up to any machine, including smartphones, in a snap. If your office runs on a ton of separate phones, laptops, and iPads, getting a multipurpose printer for all your needs could be a perfect way to allow your entire staff to print, scan, and fax at will.