How A Headhunter Can Help You Kick Your Career Off Right

Toronto can be a hard place to find a job, therefore anything you can do to give yourself a better chance is well worth it. There are a number of websites and job agencies out there that can help, but contacting a headhunting agency is probably the best option. A good headhunting agency can help you prepare for a new job better than a mere job agency, because they work on both sides of the aisle to ensure that the best candidates are placed in the best positions. Legal headhunting agencies – the kind that this article will focus on –are a great benefit to lawyers here in Toronto looking to either break in or advance their career, as they offer not only legal recruiting services but also tips for acing your interview and putting together a stellar resume.

The basic difference between a job agency and a headhunting agency is that, while both are motivated to get you a job, the headhunting agency usually does so at the behest of a client and is therefore already specifically looking for people, while a job agency merely has job listings to fill. The headhunting agency can therefore act as more of a middleman between the job searcher and the company, and help the job searcher better tailor her approach. The headhunting agency also tends to be more selective – but that is part and parcel of what they do. That difference gives a jobseeker a greater chance of finding a job, and of fitting in once she is actually hired. By working together, the agency and the jobseeker can vastly improve the odds of being hired.

This all means that the jobseeker becomes more of a heat-seeking missile than general attack. A headhunting agency, like The Heller Group here in Toronto, can give you advice on landing your next job, and that advice can cover a wide variety of different topics. At the very least, this means that the jobseeker has a better idea of what questions will be asked at the interview and how to tailor a resume specifically for the company in question. Resume norms change, often rapidly, but headhunting agencies, by virtue of their job, keep abreast with all those changes and so can offer advice as to what companies and firms are looking for today. The agency can also help with clothing choices as well as tips on how to fit in with the corporate culture of the company, further improving the odds of obtaining a position.

Given the number of Toronto companies that use such an agency, it can be a matter of reliability, trustworthiness and simplicity to use the headhunting agency. The agency is motivated to find the best candidates, clearing them for the companies it works with for the best possible chances of finding suitable candidates. Their advice and company information, backed by your qualifications and willingness to land the job, gives you the best possible odds of advancing your career and finding your perfect job.