Keep Your Customers Safe With Mobile Shredders

Now that you’ve put some distance between you and 2017, you can see the year for what it really was: 12 months inundated with security breaches. Some of the biggest named corporations — not least of which include Uber, Yahoo, and Equifax — were implicated in some of the biggest security breaches on record, affecting billions of people worldwide. As a consumer, it’s frightening to think corporations you trust could expose your private information like this. That’s why as a business owner, you know you have a responsibility to make sure you don’t let down the people who trust your company. A comprehensive security plan that keeps your customers safe includes mobile shredders.

What are they?

Mobile shredders are trucks that help you destroy confidential material. From the outside, they look like any other truck sharing the QEW or 401, yet inside they’re a totally different story. In place of the typical storage area in the rear part of the truck, mobile shredders have shredders. The best shredding services Toronto has to offer equip their trucks with blades capable of cutting through paper documents and electronic devices.

Why is being mobile so important?

Since mobile shredders are on the move, a shredding service can be anywhere you need them to be. Whether you live on the outskirts of Aurora or in Toronto’s Financial District, they’ll be able to drive straight to your door. This reduces the risk of contamination, as you won’t be expected to pack up your documents and transport them to an off-site shredder.

In Toronto shredding services like Absolute Destruction & Recycling provide containers to collect material that needs to be shredded. They remain locked until their vetted representatives arrive, who only unlock them when they feed their contents into their trucks. The destroyed remains of your documents cannot be retrieved and remain locked in the truck until these reps deliver them to a secure recycling plant.

How does this help you?

Companies with mobile trucks have them for a reason. It’s an easy and convenient way for these companies to help their clients meet security legislation. The federal government has strict privacy laws that require businesses take the appropriate steps when disposing of old documents that contain financial and contact information of their clients. With the most recent changes to the EU’s Privacy Shield, Canadian laws are likely to get even stricter. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine, as well as a loss of trust once your customers realize your mistake.

Unfortunately, security breaches happen, especially as more data is stored online every year. When you trust your document destruction to a trusted service, it’s a way of preventing these breaches from happening to you and your customers. Not only will your customers feel safer, but you’ll feel confident your company will stay out of the headlines.

In Toronto shredding services with mobile trucks aren’t the standard. Only those companies that go above and beyond can offer this level of security, so search for your local service that can help you destroy of private information properly.